FEAR = Not Believing

When you are hitting a road blocks and feel defeated what do you do?


Do you just give up and stop?

Do you just sit and complain to whomever will listen?

Do you regroup your thoughts and go a different route?

Do you find someone with the same goal as you and brainstorm?

If questions one and two pertain to how you go about things, take the time think about regrouping your dreams and aspirations.

It is one thing to do better.

It is another to just sit and complain.

What is complaining doing for you?

Make no mistake;

I just had to check myself.


No good! Now go regroup to make your life better!


Please leave comments to how you redirect your dreams you’re working on.

Hello world & FINALLY!

I have successfully transferred my blog domain to wordpress after some stressful days of not knowing what to do.

Welcome to my new blog, I am grateful that you have come to check out the words that I have to say. I look forward to inspiring and empowering everyone who lays their eyes on this website. I am not dong this for me, but for that young woman who is afraid to look in the mirror, that young woman who thinks that she is not worthy of love.  I am a mentor, motivator, and mental health advocate. I work in crisis where I help prevent suicides or homicides in the community either by choice or force. I love what I do and I love to learn. So buckle up and get ready to ride with me.


Thank you for visiting.


Javania M Webb