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Javania M. Webb currently serves as a Student and Family Mentor for Grace Hill Settlement House. Her passion is to help young girls and women ‘figure out their WORTH’ which is in alignment with her volunteer endeavors’. Javania has worked with Queen of Peace Center as a Substance Abuse Case Manager, (second) staff lead on the consumer advisory board, and was the lead staff on the Disease Management Program with the State of Missouri. Javania has over 8 years of program development experience with You Are Worthy, Incorporated which is a mentoring program that she has developed. Javania has more than 14 years of mentoring with different agencies in Missouri and Illinois. Javania works from experience and has a wealth of knowledge on a variety of topics.  Javania is a graduate of Southern Illinois University- Edwardsville and Lindenwood University.

Javania believes that it is imperative that women are able to sustain life on their terms in order to provide examples for their children who are the future of America. She also is a forever student of life and in the classroom, she is currently researching and applying for Doctoral Programs to help further her life’s mission.  Javania plans to bring diversity and wholeness to the community of St. Louis and other areas.


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