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When you are born into a family….and mostly everyone is normal.. Normal being Heterosexual in my case, it’s hard being the outcast..

Let me explain…..

I am a proud lesbian, my family feels I am in a phase.. Well let’s just say I have outgrown the phase age stage in my life… The moment I came out of the closet I broke free and have been trying to defend who I was ever since.

Why am I constantly defending who I am though?

This is a question I cannot answer because I have a need to want to be loved.. Loved from my family. I care what my family thinks of me, not people who don’t give two shits nor know who I truly am (let’s get this common miscommunication clear) I think I care so much because my aunts and uncles helped raise me where my mother and father fell short and then when my mother died they stepped in even more. So there’s a different dynamic relationship here…..

However, I have to and must follow the same advice that I give my clients who are dealing with or have dealt with the same issues.

Its simple…

God did not make any mistakes with me.

I am who I am.

I will not change who I am for my family.

I will not hide who I am.

I am in love with Javania.

I will not continue to defend my attraction.

I therefore will not longer feel as if I am the Black Sheep in my family.



Have you ever felt like the oddball in your family? Share your story below.

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  1. Yes! My mom won’t talk about it but acknowledges it in her own way. My cousins seem somewhat comfortable but weirded out sometimes. Maybe it’s my insecurity sensing their “discomfort”, I don’t know. But I’ve always been the “different” one in the family. My family is small and I have no siblings. My distant relatives think its a phase. I think one went so far as to say I was “too pretty to be ‘funny’ “. I’ll blame the early onset of dimentia on that comment. I keep on living and don’t feel that i need to try to defend myself to them but I do feel like the odd one out.

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