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Your current relationship status; if single discusses how single life is.

I am currently Single and have been so for the past year and a half.. I have not liked being single as far as hanging out with friends because I am the only one who does not have a significant other. I have recently just met someone who I am dating with a little bit of exclusivity to see where things can go… I at first felt like I should date more than one person because I didn’t want to get attached and start liking this person too much, but I was forcing myself and it’s just not that serious. My single life is getting better also because I am starting to be more sociable. Not being cooped up in the house anymore just wanting to go somewhere, I am getting out and doing FUN stuff for FREE as well…

What about you? What is your status?

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  1. What does a little bit of exclusivity mean? You’re either in an exclusive relationship or you aren’t… There is no in between LOL

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