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Your view on drugs and alcohol:

Being a product of parents who have(d) trouble with both of these drugs, (alcohol is a drug just in case you did not know) I am very indifferent. I was born addicted to crack and was told that I was not going to amount to anything because of other situations that had to deal with drugs that my mother was doing…. So Drugs as far as crack, heroin and so forth I do not tolerate around me and have never tried any of it. I did try weed when I was 18 years of age and have not tried it again since. I don’t mind people smoking weed, just as long as it’s not around me. Alcohol, I drink and like it socially. According to what I say at my job, I am addicted to alcohol but I beg to differ.. I do not drink and drive and don’t like it when others do… I also would like it if they included all topics when it comes to drugs..because technically tobacco is a legal drug, and lets not get into the prescription drugs….

I am very liberal and quiet when it comes to this topic because people are going to do and believe what they want.. I only give my opinion on it when asked…


What about you? What are your views on drugs and alcohol?

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