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Write 30 interesting facts about yourself:

1. I’m Left Handed

2. I’m theeeee best singer….in my head

3. My grandmother supported me even though I could not sing, model, and act

4. I’m hard and soft at the same damn time

5. My favorite number is 4 because of my date of birth

6. I love people but love to be alone at times

7. I think I can dance…..No seriously

8. I love love…no matter who the person is

9. I knew I was different at a very young age but didn’t know what the “different” thing was until I was 10

10. I want to live in NYC

11. I have a love hate relationship with the gym

12. I have been “working” on losing weight for the past 8 years

13. I have never dated someone younger than me

14. I can be very demanding and aggressive.. It’s the Libra in me

15. My paternal grandmother raised me

16. I am a sucker for sweets..Usually can’t say no

17. I work at a prison

18. I’ve always known that I would be in a helping profession

19. I’m like Joan on girlfriends but school wise I’m like Lynn

20. I intimidate alot of prospects…

21. I don’t understand why

22. I’m open but very private

23. My name is very unique; named after my great grandmother

24. I too nice, but I’m also rude at times

25. I like to try new foods but not on my dime

26. I have a list of places I want to visit but haven’t been to one place yet

27. I will be one year older in 1.5 months

28. I used to be a cheerleader

29. I’m falling

30. I am inspired very much by Mrs. Obama


What about you? What’s some facts about you?


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