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Your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality:


I am a Libra. I even got my symbol tatted on me..


I am usually all over the place, one day I may be balanced, and in that same day my scales may tip to the left or right.

I am indecisive….and hard to read at times. But all in all, I am a generally nice person, I am a early Libra and from what I hear we are different than the later Libras… LoL


What about you? What is your sign?



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  1. I am a Aquarius and I as well have my symbol tatted on me. All Aquarius’ have a bond simply because we think on a different plateau than anyone else. I have a hard time focusing because of my thought pattern as well as being frequently misunderstood. I think way ahead of time but remain in the present if that makes any sense.

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