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Speakers LtoR: Danyelle Little of “The Cubicle Chick”, Me, Brittany “Miss Fit Britt” Ramsey, and Rev. Kimberly Banks-Brown

As many of you know on August 12, 2011 at Whiz Tech Cafe downtown St. Louis we learned how to love “Embracing Who You (WE) Are”. I had AMAZING speakers and food.. I am someone who works hard and when I do not make goals or finish my to-do list I beat myself up about it.  Well I promoted the event for almost two months and was stressing out that no one was buying tickets. I would call friends and family and complain, I even sent emails to family and friends asking them to buy a ticket or donate so that the goals I set for myself would be met.

I wanted at least 20 people at the event and even if my family would have bought tickets or donated meony they would not have been there physically  so my goal would have still been shy of 15 people.  I sold one ticket and I am SOOOOOO grateful for that ticket because someone else believed in me and my dreams.

My goal is to learn from every venture and task.  I am going to keep doing events and doing them to the best of my ability.

I was asked repeatedly by different people when I spoke about the even:

“Why are you providing “fancy” journals at your first event?”

Why are you buying a dress for your event?”

“Why are you providing food for your event?”

All of these questions are valid especially since I work part time and paid for everything out of my pocket. Buttttttt Javania does not do things half way. When I get a vision it has to be carried out all of the way from the food to colors.  Could I have done somethings differently? Yes, but I would not have any them any other way because this event will be forever etched in other minds that I care about how I present myself and my brand.

Remember when you set out to do something and others have their opinions, just smile and say thank you. No one can tell you how you should do things or how you need to change things. You have your own mind and you need to act accordingly.

Pictures from the event:

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