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I received an email from somone who wants to be annoymous thanking me for my blog… There are times when I think that people are reading or don’t care about what I have to say. Then there PLENTY of moments when I know that I am helping someone. Although I am not blogging for others, (I am blogging as an extension of my healing) when someone thanks me it lets me know that my healing and helping others heal is not in vain. I thank you all for reading my blog and leaving comments!! MUAH

Here is what she said:

“Your blog’s fascinating.  I contemplated suicide three years ago because I couldn’t figure out what to do after my mother (who I cared for) died.  I was in a deep depression and finally came to the point where I felt like my purpose on Earth was no longer necessary.  I debated between pills and a knife.  But instead I texted my bff who immediately came to my house and talked sense into me.  I got help from a wonderful psychologist and now I’m as happy and as whole as I can be.  There were some deeper issues that had to come out, as well as my diagnosis of bipolar disorder.  Now I understand my life from a completely new perspective, and I’ve embraced the whole of who I am.  What my new purpose is…I haven’t a clue.  But I’m free to live the life I always wanted, and what my parents wanted for me”.

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