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DISCLAIMER: I don’t claim to know everything and I don’t claim to be an expert.  I am however someone who used to hate looking at myself in the mirror, I used to hate what everything about me looked like. I used to tell myself I wanted to just die.  These are TWO of the exercises that I DID for myself to get out of the negative place that I was in.  These exercises may not work for YOU. You have to get into the habit of finding out about YOU and how YOU will respond to retraining your mind to be positive.  I happen to believe in God… I talk and answer to him. If you decide to do my exercises you can take out God, or if you don’t believe you don’t have to think about a higher being.


Exercise 1:

It is important to be honest with yourself; you have to answer to your eyes and God (if you believe or if you believe in something else).  Write out things that you fear then write out why, and then steps that you will take to get rid of your fear.  Being fearful holds you stagnant in your growth and makes you comfortable.  You never want to be okay with not changing and facing dears.  You have to learn to overcome your fears.  Lying allows you to not change.  If you really sit down and figure out what bothers and scares you, life will become better.

Exercise 2:

Everyday for thirty minutes write down something that you feel you need to change about yourself, why, and how you plan to make these changes.  There needs to be at least four steps on how you plan to make these changes in your life.


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