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When you meet someone and you hit it off immediately, the connection is there what does it mean when you want to spend every waking moment with that person…… Let’s act as if we do not know what that is or what it means. Lets take it back to the basics…





Are some of the words we can use for when you meet someone and you forget about everyone else who is in your life. You’re getting to know the person, inside and out, possibly having sex depending on how slow or fast you decide to move and then depending on what the status is you start to get all these fuzzy emotions that may have not been there as soon as they are if you hadn’t had sex…

Let’s face it.

Sex brings about plenty of emotions and it changes things..


So how do you avoid loosing yourself?

3 Replies to “Losing Yourself..”

  1. I’ve been lost since dating my boo, but honestly I really don’t care to be found. I’ve been in relationships before, the longest being 3 years… I have a deeper connection with my new boo than I’ve had with any of my other ex gfs… I used to be so caught up in how fast things were moving that I wasn’t allowing my true feelings to come out. I held them in and felt miserable… I say follow your heart and don’t worry about all the rest…. Enjoy the cupcake phase of your relationship, u will snap out of it eventually… If your friends are really your friends they will understand and accept you with open arms… 🙂

  2. I agree!!!!! However don’t forget yourself in the process… I asked this question because I felt myself doing it and not getting my work done… I love that I have someone to date now but I personally cannot let that get in the way of my dreams! Thanks for reading and responding!

  3. Oh yea I struggled with that in the beginning too… If the person cares about you, they won’t let you look past important obligations such as school… I’m still trying to come up with a good balance, but I don’t have it down pact… School is approaching in 4 weeks so I have to figure it out soon…

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