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Ever since reading the Five Love Languages I have been making sure that I can cater to my friends and family language… I even asked my co-workers what could I do to make the work day easier for them..(they didn’t respond but I at least tried)  When I become friends with someone and I can be comfortable I let the real me show, and everyone is not okay with that. Last week one of my sisters and I had a heart to heart about when we first met and became really close it made her a little uneasy because she was not used to what I was doing. I like to hug and I tell my friends and family I love them before getting off of the phone, that’s how I was raised.  Touching and words of affirmations have always been apart of my life.

When I was younger I was told constantly that I was special, gorgeous, would amount to something, etc so when I come across people who are negative it takes a toll on me.  When I was younger I went through getting bullied and being made fun of on a daily basis; that helped me develop low self-esteem because I wanted and tried HARD to fit in… The low view of self did not last long, but it was still detrimental to my mental health because then it traveled to something deeper.  Traveled to me being ashamed of who I truly was, ashamed of being attracted to women.  Even though my self-esteem came back, my self worth suffered and I took myself through years of damage, damage that I am still currently working on.

When you know who you are and others have a problem with you being confident in yourself, maybe they are not the right people you need in your life.

Not even as associates.

Negativity is contagious.

Don’t let others dislike for themselves travel to you and your well being.

How do you make sure that your love tank is being filled on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis?

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