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  1. What is your passion in life? Hair is my passion in life. I really do love my job!
  2. What is your current job?  Hair stylist
  3. Do you own your own business? If so, what is the name and the mission? As a hairstylist you own your brand so in a way. I do have my own business Ryan Burrell Hair.  My mission is to stay true to what I love and that’s beauty.
  4. Did you have any fears when first starting your business? The only fear I had was when it came to my website. I wanted my image to be clean, classic and professional.
  5. Did you have any insecurities when first starting your own business? I had insecurities not with the business but with myself and I’m still working on it.
  6. Describe your brand in one word. CLEAN
  7. Do you have any past failures that you can tell what you did to learn from them? To be honest, I don’t have any past failures. Anything that I have done in the past has shaped me into the man I am today.
  8. Who are your target consumers? Would you want to change this? My consumers right now are agencies who represent Hairstylist. I’m trying to get signed to an agency. So, anything I do is styled to get there attention. But, as far as in the salon my consumers are career women.
  9. What inspires you? Actually the seasons, when the weather changes I get inspired. From the color of the leaves to the hot summer nights. I don’t know why but ideas come to me throughout the season.
  10. Who inspires you? My mother who is also a hairstylist. Ted Gibson and Kim Kimble
  11. What is always at the back of your mind? Is this my best work!
  12. What do you want to change about your job or career right now? I want to let hairstylist know that its more then just doing hair in the salon. There are so any avenues to get involved in. You don’t have to be a celebrity stylist to make good money.
  13. What advice do you have for others? Think beyond the salon.
  14. Where can we find you on the web?

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  1. Great interview! I love his response for question number 7! –If everyone could truly see their past in this way, the world would be a much better place. Thanks for sharing!

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