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What is your passion in life? My deepest passion is to live my life as freely as possible to help others do the same. I love to inspire my peers!

What is your current job? I have an online talk show,! I also work with an AMAZING company (Body By Vi) to help attack the fastest growing disease in the country, obesity.

Do you own your own business? If so, what is the name and the mission? My company name is Embrace Life Media, LLC. The mission is to help my peers b/n ages 17-39 to overcome obstacles in life and always embrace life with ambition.

Did you have any fears when first starting your business? No fears.

Did you have any insecurities when first starting your own business? No real insecurities. I sometimes get nervous but I embrace being nervous. It means I’m thriving and I’m alive.

Describe your brand in one word. Inspiration

Do you have any past failures that you can tell what you did to learn from them? Not so much failures. Maybe trial and errors, which is the only way you learn.

Who are your target consumers? Would you want to change this? Male and Females b/n 17-39.

What inspires you? Knowing that I’m only going to live once.

Who inspires you? Eurie Jabar, Dani Johnson, Oprah, Rachel Jackson, Mashonda

What is always at the back of your mind? Making it out of the hood for my people

What do you want to change about your job or career right now? Nothing

What advice do you have for others? To always go after what makes them happy no matter what ANYONE says or feels about it.

How do you motivate yourself? Listen to music. Pray. Imagine. Always stay tuned into positivity!

Where can we find you on the web?

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