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This is a term that I sure has been used for along time but I came across this word with following the blog and words of Jess LC “makeundermylife” which is now .  There was a forum where individuals could talk about problems they have or tips on how they could be a better midnight hustler. I have been working full time for the past six months, and I have not been working on my business as much as I was prior to the job. I was blaming my time shift 12p-8p which is not an excuse because events ended at 8pm..  I now have the possibility of getting a 7a-3p shift and I can’t help but wonder if will it be harder or easier to do work for my ‘career’.  I have not been able to go to networking events, so my face has not been seen around town the way it was before. I am however overly excited about the possibilities and the future of Javania M. Webb, LLC.

I have already made plans to attend some conferences in the beginning of the year, and one more in October for meeting new people for possible collaborations!


How do you time manage yourself if you too, are working a full time job along with your business?

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