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Loose 30-40 pounds currently weigh 170

Tone up and be conscious of what I put into my body

Look into getting scalp looked


3.5-4.0s +

No slacking and do the best I can do

Start earlier on papers and proof, proof, proof


Start thinking about PH.D programs

Get prepared for 2011 Graduation in December


Get rid of toxic people and things

Figure out if I want to work for someone when done with school or if I want to just work for myself

Atlanta or New York City for 2012


Start saving up for babe’s Engagement Ring

Work on our communication

Treat her with respect at all times


Get a 12 month Emergency Fund

Stick to budget or almost


Full Time for benefits

Part Time for Savings and Extra things

Javania M Webb Inc:


Go to SCORE Event February 22

Finish Business Plan

Finish Proposals

Do at least ten speeches

Find schools and organizations that will pay me

Look at competition in ATL and NYC

Figure out ways to get paid for speaking engagements


Go to Essence Music Festival

Go on a cruise

Go to Miami

Go to Cozumel Mexico

These are the goals that I set for myself… I did not change anything except I replaced my ex name with “babe”.   I read over this list and felt defeated. Why? Because I have not completed everything, but then I said to myself “THERE IS STILL TIME”.  Now I am going to be realistic, I will not be going to Mexico or Miami before the year is up because, well I can barely pay my rent.  I am not going to shed 30-40 pounds in the next four months, but I can watch what I eat and get healthier.

Everything else I can finish before the year is up, I moved Graduation to May 2012, I am waiting on the starting date for this new FT job.  I have traveled to Chicago, Orlando, and I am going to LA in October, will be going on a cruise in February.  What goals I do not finish in 2011 I will carry on for 2012.  I am in the process of trying to figure out where I am going to move in August of 2012 and trust this is not easy feat… The goals I did complete are crossed out, so I have done good so far and can do better.

What about YOU, did you make a goal list and have you completed them or did you forget about your goals all together? Let a comment down below. Thanks for reading.

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