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I have been reading “Make Under My Life”  by jewelry designer and blogger Jess for the past two years.  Her mission is to live a better life with intentions and I fully understand and want the same for my life.  She has this project where other bloggers can design their life intentions and send to her to be featured on her blog.  I have had this on my to-do list for the past four months and I have finally sat my tail down and wrote them out. J I hope you all enjoy and look forward to living your life with intentions in the near future.

Do It Myself- Design Your Life

Healthy Living Intentions-

I have been working out continuously for the past seven months, I am at a place where I want to tone and loose these extra pounds.  I stopped eating fried foods, but French fries and sweets are my weakness.  I intend to stay on the path I am with my fitness even though the gym and I have a love hate relationship, I need to learn to love it always. I started smoking last year and I have been trying to stop ever since, the moment I started praying to God about it I have not wanted to smoke, but there are times when I am really stressed out that I want to smoke.

Financial Intentions-

With out giving or telling ALL of my business I was free of credit card debt January 2010..  Yeah, no longer am I free so I intend to have half of this credit card debt gone by May 2012.  I plan and intend to start saving for my next big move out of the state.  I do not know where I am moving as of now but I want to have at least $6,000 saved so I have some slicing of spending to do.  Being mindful of what I am spending, making sure it is not frivolous and that I need the item will be good for me because I use a budget but feel that after I have paid all of my bills I can just spend and spend. NOT GOOD.

Business (Career) Intentions-

I’m currently a midnight hustler, have a part-time job, I’m in graduate school, I volunteer with three different non-profit organizations, anddddd I just applied for a Full Time job at a substance abuse program that is hosted in a jail.  My business (midnight hustling) is my career; I know that my job is to help others get through life an easier way.  I love speaking to people and being able to help people by just telling my story, however I am in the position where I NEED multiple streams of income.  So I want and intend to continue to hustle hard, one day want to be full time just doing my businesses but until then I have to talk myself into going to a job to work under someone because these jobs are inline with my career.  I learn SO much on the job where I know I will be able to take it with me for my career.  So I have to remember the ultimate goal when I do go to the day job and know that one day my dreams will all be true.

Spiritual Intentions-

As I get older my faith is getting stronger.  I went through a period where I felt that I did not need to go to church to be close to God and while I still feel that, I am at a point where I want to fellowship with others who believe the same things I do so I will start to go to church and help out with the younger children in the church.  I give back to the “regular” community and I need and want to start giving back to the church community.

Social Intentions-

I am a loner and a lame.. I want to start getting out and having a life.  I can walk up to someone and start talking at a networking event, so I need to learn to do this outside of my business.  I need a life outside of my business and need to learn how to unwind and not worry about checking my email.  I have not been doing too well on the email intervention, which is why I am going to continue to do it as Jess LC does them and even with out her.  A lot of my friends complain about me not being around or coming out and falling asleep on them. (Wonder why) Just kidding I know why and I intend to change this immediately.  Oh and this includes traveling also and not worrying about if I have to go alone.  I want to live my life and have FUN!!

Emotional/Me Time Intentions-

Gorgeous upside down emotions are running through me daily.  I have so much going on, being pulled in so many different directions that I at times should say ENOUGH.  No more! BUT I do not.  I must stop and have time for me.  Stressing myself out and constantly going and going and going and being afraid to say NO will stop.  I schedule everything else in my planner but I stopped scheduling gym time or spa days.  Well truthfully I have not gone to the spa in almost two years, I used to take care of my outside exterior all the time.  I must admit I have been worried about getting my inside to match the outside that I have let my outside go.  Starting today, I am going to make sure to take care of my emotional health and that includes getting back to me time and standing up for me.

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  1. Hi Javania! Thank you so much for sharing your intentions! It is so great to see how motivated and excited you are to reach these goals. I can imagine that they will help you in many, many ways in the future!!

    Best of luck each step of the way : )

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