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I have been saving for the past two months so that I could handle some business goals that I wanted to finish before the year was over, and now I am saving for more business goals … I came to the realization that in order to do some things I needed to reevaluate how I was spending my money because I really do not have any to waste…. I came across Darryl Frierson blog “Ashy to Classy”  in which he breaks down how to live your dreams (becoming a entrepreneur) while building your legacy..  I have been doing most of these examples for a while but I have not been working to my full potential…. Also listening to Mary Mary’s ‘Go Get It’ really pumps me up but when I sit and listen to the words I truly understand that I have to do a lot more than write blogs every now and then. I have to put myself out there and for me this means TRULY do somethings that I have never done in order to get different results.

SO for me this includes…

1. Forgoing the fall clothes and shoes that I wanted to get because I have more than enough clothes and shoes that I can wear that I go last year.

2. Not going out as much as I have been.

3. Not eating out more than once a week.

4. Staying up later than normal writing.

5. Attend at least two networking events a week.

6. Officially join professional networks that I have been wanting to join for the past year.

My life will not always be so strict (money tight), but I need to make some sacrifices NOW so that I can fully live out my dreams in the near future!


What about you? What are you sacrificing now for later?

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