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What does this word mean to you?

For me, ‘self-control’ has to do with my health… I have been ‘trying’ to loose weight since I gained it the summer after I graduated from High School…

annnnd after I gained the Freshman 60 NOT 30…..

But in reality I haven’t been trying hard enough…

I love food, but I LOVEEEEE sweets..

This is essentially why I cannot or have not lost any weight.. My self-esteem is quite high….until I try on a dress or jeans that used to fit correctly…. 🙁 I know that for me to truly be satisfied with my weight and the way my clothes fit I have to be toned and in a healthy way.  I am now in a process where I am starting to think about how I live and I know that for me to be truly healthy I MUST make a lifestyle change, not just choose to go on a diet where I will loose 5-20 pounds but then gain it right backkk.

What about you? What does self-control me to you?

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  1. Self -control for me comes in a bottle of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar!! I take a tablespoon every morning to suppress my sweet/carb/snack monster!!! It’s helped me to lose 26 lbs since the end of January this year.
    I kid you not, I love sweets so much I’ve named my rolls (jelly, sweet and cinnamon) and now I’m like y’all got to go, you’re killing me. So I took control!

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