“I am pleased to recommend Ms. Webb as an excellent workshop leader” -Barbara D. Cole, Director

“I am amazed with so much stuff that I didn’t know and talked and hung out with you on a daily basis. Javania you are such an inspiration for many people, girl I am proud with what you are doing and the possible influence you will be for others”.  -Angelique Church

“I just wanted to let you know that you are very bold and courageous for exposing yourself. The bible does say we overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our TESTIMONY! Keep up the good work I am so proud of you! I pray that your business prospers and that you will continue to heal from your past hurts and transform the lives of so many hurting women”. –Monique Arrington

“I heard Javania speak a couple of weeks ago and I was impressed and inspired with her ability to be open and honest about everything that she had experience as a child.  Her transparency allows people to know that they are not alone and that if she can walk fearlessly knowing that her story will help others so can everyone else”. –Jacquese Dean

“I’ve known Javania for over 7 years and she has always been a strong minded, caring and compassionate young woman. With anything she does, she fully indulges herself, whether it is school, work or helping others. Determined to make a difference with our youth, she started her own motivational speaking business on faith and a few dollars. She’s all about giving and I love how she’s committed her life to giving back to our young women and being a positive role model! Not only will she give to others, but it’ll be her last and you would never know that because she doesn’t mind helping someone. Out of all the things I can say about her, I can definitely say her life and personality has reflected greatly upon myself. She’s been through so many trials and tribulations in her life but somehow found the strength to grow through them. That made me realize I can do anything I set my mind to no matter how hard the task, so I guess you can say she’s a role model to me also!!” –Sarajeni Moore

“Javania’s blog has many inspirational readings.  It’s refreshing to read about someone who has walked in some of the same shoes as myself and endured despite the circumstances”. —Tatiana Roberts

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