2 Replies to “Why Do YOU Stay?”

  1. You have to try, at least once. Not more than twice. I say this because what if the one thing that is standing in the way of happiness is something minor. Like, what if your partner doesn’t like to leave the cap on the toothpaste? (Which irks me by the way).

    What is a relationship without problems anyway?

    But you stop trying if it’s gets to the point where you are the only one trying. It doesn’t have to get old, you just need to be tired.

    And do not ignore it, thats how people end up married and divorced.

  2. That’s what I was more so talking about. After trying more than twice when do you say enough is enough? Leaving the cap off of the toothpaste is extreme for fighting. I have learned that you have to pick your battles. If what I knew now about relationships … It could have saved heartbreak, but you have to live and learn. Thank you for your comment!! 🙂

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